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Overtly encouraging citizens to vote, voter registration, and directing voters to ballot boxes are all actions NOT part of the normal and regular conduct of a fire department.



What next? Use the fire truck to take them to the ballot box?
RCW 42.17A.555 has the language, and even the firehouse lawyer should have been able to check out the Public Disclosure Commission publication expressly prepared to educate public agencies in their desire to send mass mailings meant to influence an election, Election-Related Communications by Local Government Agencies.

Without getting too bored by all the commonsense language, read the last bullet on page 2 stating, In addition, an “objective and fair presentation of the facts” must avoid the following:

“Detailed information about the conduct of elections (e.g.ballot drop-off locations), unless it is the normal and regular conduct of the agency to provide such information in the manner of the proposed publication.”
Now get the full color flyer you received in your mailbox from the fire district. It should still be in your recycle bin.
See that bright yellow circle where the brochure has bold-faced exhortations to “VOTE BY TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 3RD,” followed by information about ballot drop-off locations.
Per RCW 42.17A.555 and WAC 390-05-271, agencies must adhere to their normal and regular conduct when communicating with the public on a ballot proposition; it is the normal and regular conduct of elections agencies, and not fire districts, to provide information about the conduct of elections.
All the district needed do was ask. However, the compliance director of the PDC is not aware that the PDC was asked for guidance on the brochure.

Of another note is the active effort by the district to increase voter registration. For the past few months, every station had signs out front inviting the public in to register to vote.



Encouraging citizens to voting, voter registration, and directing voters to ballot boxes are all actions NOT part of the normal and regular conduct of a fire department.
RCW 42.17A.555 does not prevent a public office or agency from (a) making facilities available on a nondiscriminatory, equal access basis for political uses or (b) making an objective and fair presentation of facts relevant to a ballot proposition, if such action is part of the normal and regular conduct of the office or agency.
Yet, in several ways South King Fire & Rescue felt comfortable illegally influencing this election. I am sure it was not only Prop 1 they wanted votes on.
Alas, the administration feels they are above the law.
For proof the fire district KNOWS they are involved in illegal activities (and simply are too arrogant to acknowledge it), just look at what is missing from their official home website.
What is missing from their  Business Services page.
And what they only offer during election time, as shown on the Bond page.

It is the normal and regular conduct of elections agencies, and not fire districts, to provide information about the conduct of elections.

Check out King County Elections and search Voter Registration. Let me know when you find the reference to organized campaigns of registering voters at fire stations.

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Are you planning on working with Dr. Tammy Campbell, the superintendent of Federal Way Public Schools, and her team in Creating a vision for our children’s future?


Being involved in public affairs is beneficial and rewarding.


Dr. Campbell is moving in full force and wants you to be involved to the fullest.


From the district website:


Federal Way Public Schools has embarked on a Strategic Planning Initiative called MOVING FORWARD AS ONE!, to develop the vision and direction for enhancing student achievement and success in the coming years.

The strategic plan will be our roadmap toward a future vision and provides unity, clarity and direction to the important work of the district.

In developing our plan, the District will use an approach that is inclusive and intentional and values all voices, and will continuously engage all stakeholders within the Federal Way Public Schools community.

(Emphasis added.)


Judging from their approach, they seriously want your opinion.

Read that again please “In developing our plan, the District will use an approach that is inclusive and intentional and values all voices, and will continuously engage all stakeholders within the Federal Way Public Schools community.”


Can you attend?


Well, I will not be taking time off work to attend a school board meeting.


And I definitely will not take time off work to attend any of the school boards many upcoming Strategic Planning Initiative: Moving Forward As One! forums, each starting at 5:30 and scheduled to go at least 2 hours.


Speaking of working with local elected officials and leaders, nor will I take time off work to attend a 7pm Federal Way City council meeting at which I have an irregular habit of speaking.


Or for that matter, neither will I need to use my vacation time to see how Lakehaven Utility District is planning to spend my tax dollars.


You are important!


That is because all these public agencies value your time and schedule, they all want you to participate and all welcome you to attend.


And just maybe because they are all being held by elected officials that actually WANT to hear from YOU, they value your input and schedule events at times most residents are available to attend.


Well, not all public agencies value YOU.


Now comes the story of the fire district. Any idea who sets the schedule there? Is it based on YOU?


No. Not a chance.


They allow the convenience of the fire chief of Tacoma to tell them when to hold a meeting. And the chief of Tacoma tacitly gets to consult with the chief of Gig Harbor, Valley Regional Fire Authority, Bremerton, Tukwila and a myriad of 30-or-more fire districts as far away as the San Juan islands BEFORE you are taken into consideration.


The reason is that Chief Allan Church and this board of fire commissioners will not schedule or hold a meeting without first clearing it though one man, who is not an elected official and not even a resident of the district.


He is so important he won’t even show up for less than $200 an hour to lord over his subjects. And tell you why you are wrong and they are right. Even when the law sides solidly in your favor. Repeatedly. Video recording. Firearms. To name a few.


And YOU are so far down the list of our chief’s priorities you don’t get any say in when these meetings are held.


Who is this all powerful person for which our elected officials bow down? Firehouse Lawyer Joe Quinn takes that honor. Along with his recently indoctrinated son, Eric, they call the shots.


Not only does he sport a fancy title, he obviously earned it. According to his website, Joseph F. Quinn, the Firehouse Lawyer, may be the only lawyer in the United States whose actual law office is located in the firehouse.


Joe and his son have to make arrangements to travel to all those fire district from their office way over in Gig Harbor.


I’ll see you at 5pm


So we fit into a time slot that is convenient for him. Not YOU. And we get a meeting scheduled precisely as most office workers are getting on the road.


Special meeting? Well 9am works, if you buy him breakfast. And maybe treat him to lunch. On the taxpayers dime.


So if the average citizen of the fire district wants to go to a meeting, better plan on taking some time off work, and waste your valuable vacation time, to do so.


But is has been carefully calculated. They planned on you not. They know you won’t. Why, even those candidates running for the office can’t seem to make it to the meetings very well.


And that, my friend, is why they get away with so many misdeeds and vile treatment of citizens. And commissioners. They hold you in such contempt because you are not like them. You are different and they can not tolerate you.



Repeatedly they have said those not of the fire department have no business trying to manage the fire department. Whether it be sons and daughters of firefighters, or friends from neighboring fire communities, only those that have lived the brotherhood need apply.


Well, unless you are a Rubber Stamp. A admitted liar with a questionable record. That is an exception they are grudgingly willing to make.


And now you know why and how they keep you in the dark.


How do they keep us in the dark?


That is why the skirt the Open Public Meetings Act with secret committee meetings.


That is why they refuse to allow the public to see or even know about any documents they are going to discus and vote on until AFTER they have been passed. All documents they vote on are referred to by title only. And if necessary, only the first line, if that, is read into the record at a public meeting. And not a single one is available to the public BEFORE the vote.


Attending the meetings is the only way to know what business is taking place and even then you are required to submit a Public Records Request to read what they just enacted.


Do a side-by-side Comparison


School district – tons of information and multiple opportunities to speak your mind.


City council – those packets would choke your printer if you spewed every page out. Better to speed read and determine which is worth printing to take and talk about.


Go to the agency websites I mention in this article and you will see detailed and comprehensive packets of information for you to read days in advance of all those other jurisdictions. Documents that are just drafts, works-in-progress or polished ready to vote on resolutions are all free for the taking.


Unless it is the fire department. They only post a one page agenda. The day before the meeting.


Un-Secreting the process


Until they want your vote to pass another tax increase. Then they fabricate a need for a community relations specialist, hike up his salary and sell, sell ,sell.


Will there be nearly the incentive to meet with and embrace the public AFTER the election. Consider the frequency of those well times district newsletters to find your answer. They only show up when a ballot does.  How convenient.


But back to the school Strategic Planning Initiative

The future of our children is vital to the future of our nation. You are planning on attending and participating, right? The meetings are well timed for you to make at least one.



Did anyone o the Chili Cookoff this year? Notice anything different? Besides the gorgeous weather.

The format this year changed to financially benefit local charities, not have the revenues go to police and fire department managed funds. Each participant selected a local charity, paid to participate in the event, and dedicated the proceeds to help those in the community.

A shamefully disturbing comment emanated from a fire commissioner during a report about how this years event went. Specifically, he wanted to know how the proceeds were distributed. Another commissioner offered that about $8,000 was raised for the charities. But apparently the presenter was too vague in his answer, so the first commissioner got right to the point, asking exactly how much of the revenue did the fire district get.

When told that the district actually went in the negative on the event, the initiating commissioner suggested we hold an event next year so the firefighters got more of the take. Even went so far as to offer to organize something.

Excuse me?

What happened to all that benevolent atmosphere we keep hearing about in the fire department?

Doing for others above self?

Given a net of $8000, and 8 charities supposedly benefiting, that is $1000 each. And the fact that this was a benefit event for the local charities, wonderful public relations opportunity, the commissioner raising the money issue also extracts every penny possible from his official service, and the firefighters can afford to spend $64,000 on influencing a ballot measure, is not lost on me.

Based on his attitude, we can expect the fire district may take their chili to greener pastures next year. Ones that will pay them more, not help others.

Although, I really think many others in the room were as uncomfortable with the direction this commissioner was going as I was.

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Trust them. They are from the government and are here to help.


Were you under the impression this was merely a $39 million bond? Well read the propaganda from the union.

Keep South King Safe is a wholly funded political arm of the IAFF 2024 spending over $64,000 pushing a $53.7 million November 3rd bond.

In your mailbox is a flyer for the November 3rd election.

It clearly states this is a $53.7 million bond.

“Prop. 1 is a $53.7 million bond measure for Fire Station, Emergency Response, and Firefighter Safety Equipment Improvements. The cost for the average homeowner would be $78 per year or $6.50 per month.”

Freudian Slip? Proofreading error?

Is the union lying? Or is the district lying again?

Either way, it just shows this leadership is broken.

I am sure it has nothing to do with the union contract approved this afternoon.


BTW, yes, I had to scan both sides. The supporters may lie to you and claim I merged two documents to make a false one. That would not be fact. Quick, grab that flyer from YOUR recycle bin and read it for yourself.

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Doing the same thing while expecting different results.


Remember the promise to hire 9 new firefighters with the $3.5 million EXCESS Levy? The chief, with approval of the board of commissioners, said $1,000,000 per year would be required.


But three days after the EXCESS Levy passed the district accepted a grant to hire the firefighters. So, what did the district spend that suddenly extra cool million, PER YEAR, on?


Certainly not essentials like fire trucks and fire stations.


Instead of holding the district accountable, the Federal Way Mirror editorial board thinks we should just do the same thing again. And mildly suggests they make improvements.


With all due respect, most of the members of the editorial board were at the fire commissioner forum but this endorsement shows they were not paying attention.

Both commissioner candidates said there is no nepotism in the fire district.

Both commissioner candidates said there is no public image problem, just a few unfounded voices of opposition.

Both commissioner candidates said they are too busy to attend meetings.

And the editorial board must have been aware of the ongoing problems or they would not have stipulated ‘conditions’.

Nothing has changed within the fire district since the failure of the April bond.

They just kicked up their propaganda machine.

Chief’s son is still there. Commissioners son is still there. Children of the staff are routinely hired as summer help without EEO offered to the general populace.

Yet, somehow, by endorsing this bond, the Editorial board thinks if the district gets the voter approval they want (and one of those two candidates gets elected), positive change will occur?

Time to step back and take a serious objective look.

This supposed leadership will not take bond passage as a message they need to improve. They will taut the vote as approval of past and existing practices.

You do not reward a child for misbehaving with an ice cream cone while simply asking them not to misbehave.

By not stipulating proven improvement PRIOR to giving the district more money, the editorial boards endorsement failed the citizens.

And conveniently meets the definition of insanity.

Reject Prop 1. Demand change before reward.

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Many have written of the nepotism in the fire district.


In addition to these pages, articles have surfaced from Mr. Federal Way, Bob Roegner and If I Were Czar (Matthew Jarvis).


All of these opinions and observations were dismissed by both candidates as merely a few dissenting voices. Neither candidate sees public perception as an issue. Both stated they could easily deal with it.


Among other questionable topics of concern in the fire district, these people wrote to the case of the chiefs son getting special treatment, and tax dollars for attorney fees, and ask the questions citizens need to ask of a public agency.


And the district, true to form, remains silent.


And the candidates continued to support the lie last night. Repeating the statement, against all proof to the contrary, ‘there is no nepotism’.


The public knows better. Stop drinking the Kool-aid.


In absentia, or, After the fact leadership.


Not willing to do the job your are seeking office for is abhorrent. Knowing the duties and responsibilities, familiar with the agency and people you will need to deal with to perform your elected responsibility is paramount to effectively serving your constituents.


And when the primary job of commissioner is to attend public meetings at the district, of special concern those dealing with budget proposals and public hearings, BOTH of your candidates had ‘something more important to do’. Neither was at the meeting.


These two candidates ‘read the minutes’ of the meetings to find out what is going on.The minutes that are not available until approved, ONE MONTH LATER, by the board.


Really? Supposedly concerned want-to-be commissioners, requiring firsthand knowledge to respond to responsibilities as they happen, depending on second hand word of mouth, incomplete reports and month old information to make decisions that affect YOUR SAFETY?


As we heard at the forum, one opines the minutes are woefully brief, without substance. Well, the obvious solution, and one that these guys are deaf to, would be to attend, and participate, in them. Like a representative of the public is committed to do.


Like the writer of this blog does.  Like Write-In Jerry Galland does.


Takes your voice to the meetings, not spreads the blanket of deceit for the district.


Open Public Meetings is not a catchphrase. It is the law. Actively participating is not an option, it is a requirement.


Neither candidate takes your view seriously.


Neither candidate sees the problems like you do.


Neither candidate is going to do anything to make the needed changes to ensure our leadership is capable of passing the bar of public opinion, and passing responsible levy and bond measures to support our safety.


Write-In Jerry Galland for both fire commissioner positions.

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The 2016 budget draft announced at the special meeting today.


And another case of listening to the people failure was exhibited.


We rejected the bond measure in April because it was too high and we did not trust our leadership to make the right decisions.


Here is another case of hearing only what they want, melting it onto a blob no one recognizes and selling it as an improvement.


Being the only candidate that misses work if necessary to go to as many meetings as possible on behalf of the taxpayers of this district, I attended to hear first hand what the budget had in store. Come to think of it, as is usually the case, I was again the only non-payroll person in the room.


For years members of the public have been asking why the department sends a huge fire truck, usually more than one, plus additional auxiliary vehicles and staff, for a minor injury call.


The suggestion has been for smaller low cost efficient vehicles. More responsive solutions, staffed with one or two EMT’s. Saving tens of thousands in staffing, vehicles and fuel.


This year the commissioners are suggesting adding another vehicle to the fleet following a reportedly successful model used in Kent with their FD Cares program.

Kent FD Care SUV2

SKF&R named our vehicle the Community Medical Technician unit. It will function in partnership with Valley Regional Fire Authority, specifically to handle what are defined as low acuity medical incidents in both jurisdictions.


But the revelation is a mixed bag for taxpayers.


And what a whopper money boon for the firefighters. Overtime increases 2,237% for two positions that the chief said was what the county mandated. And offered to ‘pay’ for.

At an expense of a mere $263,529 Increase. Per year. For our share. Essentially two full time firefighters getting massive overtime pay.


But there was, supposedly, good news.

All that overtime money is reimbursed by the King County EMS fund.


Doesn’t King County (over) tax us too?


Isn’t that a separate EMS TAX on our property tax bill?

So this 2,237% Increase in EMS overtime budget isn’t free?


The Bitter Sweet


If you watch the video of the Kent Fire Department FD Care description, you will see this unit, in addition to being exactly what the public has been demanding for years (Minus the Overtime!), is tailored to be a long term tool to reduce the number of non-emergency calls.

And try to get in front of a major problem that only promises to get bigger if not addressed as soon as possible.


But the controversy arises when our district, instead of patterning with the Kent fire department so we can take advantage of their knowledge, instead partners with a second district (which they dearly wish to merge us to for the higher tax base, but that is another story) to promulgate what they are selling is a ‘trial’ system the REQUIRES OVERTIME PERSONNEL to implement.


If the model is so good, has already been proven and there is already success, right next door of all places, then why the outrageously extreme cost?


This administration thinks telling you it is a pass-through expense paid for by other peoples money is acceptable. Without divulging they are simply taking massive taxes out of your other pocket to fund their overtime venture is disingenuous at best.

They are so used to grants and alternate funding they never see it ALL comes out of YOUR pocket.

Smoke and mirrors.


Is it a coincidence that his announcement comes at the same time they are signing a new union contract?

Any guesses who benefits from all that overtime?






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They want to build, modify, alter, remodel and otherwise just spend YOUR TAXES on what they call essential improvements.

But we have seen many troubling facets to this department as documented on these pages. And with the new tax, they want to spend a promised set amount on new equipment.

Can they?

With their track record, will they?

Or will we just see a local fiasco like the Seattle Fire Department, from which one of our proud commissioners hail, spending over 6 times the expected amount (and 8 years behind schedule to boot)
Of course, if you allow this new tax, they don’t need to worry, do they? Their interpretation is unbridled trust.

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Read these pages to see the truth about how the fire district spends your money. Use the Search feature to find articles of interest.

In my advertising, I make reference to demanding open government.

I support the Washington Coalition for Open Government will ask the State Legislature to strengthen the state’s Open Public Meetings Act as presented in their recent press release.

I tell you the current administration views both of the other candidates as Rubber Stamps. Read what the chief has to say

I tell you that there were adequate reserves to pay for everything this new bond raises your taxes for. Until the people responsible for YOUR TAX MONEY hire non-essential employees, gave across the board raises and gave generous increases to the union!! Read who is ‘negotiating’ the new labor contract. (See anyone representing YOU?)

I tell you that the district used $20,600 of YOUR TAX MONEY to defend the fire chief’s son for the very same charge of Unprofessional Conduct that THEY found him guilty of. Then both the district and the employee failed to follow the law to report it to the Department of Health.

When the district tries to sweep it under the rug, pays thousands to their public relations officer, flood the media with feel-good stories and fluff, only one person brings the truth of wasted spending to the light of day.

But guess who they want on the board now. Roger Flygare. A admitted liar. Who wears a  Purple Heart. But can’t seem to prove he earned it.

SKF&R Leadership CHOSE to risk the lives of our firefighters and not maintain equipment by throwing out proven methods used by successful business and governments EVERYWHERE.

Because they know you will give them more money.

Knowing what you know now, are you?

VOTE NO Prop 1, until they change their ways!

Write-In Jerry Galland for all fire commissioner positions.


Federal Way Mirror -Meet the candidate

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Just had to pass this along.

Apparently a few years ago another unhappy voter put together a YouTube video against Prop1.


Got my Official Property Value Notice from the King County Assessors office the other day.

Great news! My property value has, just as I predicted, gone up. In my case over 9%.

So I, like the rest of the property owners in the county, get to pay more taxes to our local jurisdictions.

And the fire district gets to collect more of our money next year.



They get more money? Nine percent more money? But they are screaming poverty and destruction?

Voters, assessed valuations are way up, King County has successfully passed PSERN, and, with the help of Seattle voters, most likely will pass the Youth levy.

While your wages stay stagnant, theirs increase.

Locally, the school district has gone to the full allowable amount and maxed it’s levy collections, again squeezing your wallet to the point of near extinction.

Now our labor favoring SKF&R board, lead by the labor cum fire chief, who threw out budgeting and capital reserves in favor of sympathy and “hand outs” from the besieged taxpayers want you to keep paying now, and paying much more later, with Prop 1?

Guess what else is happening RIGHT NOW? A new labor contract is being cooked. By the 4 bought and paid for labor friendly commissioners, your chief(former member of the same union) and a larger than last time labor force hungry for raises.

Make them fund their expenses from within. Just like you do every payday. It was there, they squandered it and now, like some incompetent greedy corporation, come begging your bailout.

Quit demonizing “voices of reason” coming from several directions.

Start by taking back our fire services the only way we can, “one vote at a time” and make SKF&R use the millions and millions we already pay, wisely.

And for you abused taxpayers and voters in Federal Way, let me mention the soon to be assessed $35million performing arts cost, championed by “special interests” and for which you will forced into paying without your vote!

If you did not get a 10% pay raise THIS YEAR, you are already losing buying power next year.

Add another tax, and you money gets even more worthless.

Meanwhile, the under employed, homeless and soon to be homeless, here in south King County, Des Moines, and Federal Way just keep paying!

We are not governments cash cow.

It is high time we started demanding accountability.


Reject Prop 1!


But wait, there’s more!

If you are a new voter not yet a home owner, there’s something in the levy for you, too. Higher rents! Somebody has to pay for the voter approved measures.

Yes, it’s your Landlord. Guess what that means? Your rent goes up to pay your  “fair share”.

Think your Landlord will be happy to pay? He (and you) already have to pay for the new schools, communication systems, pay increases, and known but unplanned for things that are absolutely necessary.

I guess that means your food, entertainment, transportation, phone, and RENT also become fair game for their largess and incompetence.



Hay, while you’re filling out your ballot, take a moment to get a real advocate on the board.

See that line for Other?

Everywhere you see it, Write in Jerry Galland for fire commissioner.


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