Per Diem is all better now


For over a decade, the intent and language of Resolution 320 was to reimburse district personnel mileage and meals (per diem) for travel requiring personnel to leave the district.

The budget has been dire for the past two years.

The commissioners are responsible for the budget, and ensuring adequate revenues for our safety.

For two years in a row, your boots-on-the-ground firefighters inked contracts that froze their wages.

For those same two years, refusing to concede ‘what is due them’, two of our commissioners squeezed every dime they legally could out of the taxpayer, while refusing to make responsible leadership decisions.

Two commissioners are on the policy committee, responsible for reviewing all policies governing commissioners and other district personnel.

So, when repeatedly brought to the attention that two of our commissioners continue to suck the account for every dime, and on advice to clarify language in one of those policies as suggested by the state auditors office, what do these responsible public officials do?

Respect the firefighters wage freezes? Stop taking mileage for in-district travel? Stop eating special diet meals (which you pay for) at meetings?

Nope. Just rewrite the rules to fit their wants and spending desires.


It is all better now

Resolution 320 has stood responsible for decades, until the greed of two commissioners saw it as an impediment to their paycheck.

All of my public records requests reveal that in the entire district of over 120 personnel, only two people ever demand and take mileage pay for in-district travel.

On January 26, 2012, at the suggestion of the Sate Auditor Office, and to preserve their in-district mileage perk, the board passed the first revision of Resolution 320 in over a decade.

Nice to know these two commissioners can now continue to take their in-district mileage pay with a clean conscience.

Meanwhile, the brave folks who willingly put their lives on the line to save yours, your boots-on-the-ground firefighters will continue to take pay cuts.

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