Firefighters take wage freeze – commissioners secure perks


While the SKF&R firefighters union made their second concession is as many years, two commissioners were rewriting the mileage policy to ensure their perks were not at risk.


Commissioner Fossos and Rickert both file forms to get paid for driving to and from all of their meetings, in-district or otherwise.

The other three commissioners restrain themselves but sit in complicit silence.

In January, all five of these elected officials praised the firefighters for making contractual changes and foregoing wages, again.


But in true hypocritical form, come Commissioners Fossos and Rickert. They demand to be paid every single dime they can get.

The attitude of these two commissioners is putting the funding of the entire district at risk.

Because of their proven greed and me-first mentality, I do not trust them for one second to not pursue seeking every dime possible from the taxpayer.

Give them a penny and they will write self-serving policy to take a dollar. And the rest of the board remains complicit in not tempering or denying these perks.


Might lose the money? We will just rewrite the policy!

Instead of adopting sound fiscal policy, they continue to approve money wasting mandates.

When given the opportunity to refine the per diem resolution, at the suggestion of the State Auditor Office, to its intended and stated purpose of out of district travel, they instead merely watered it down to allow more money to easily flow into their pocket for perks.

Commissioner Fossos and Commissioner Rickert are jointly responsible for the failure of this district to show basic respect for the taxpayer and much needed responsible financial leadership ar even share the burden of any failed taxing scheme soundly rejected by the voter.

Responsible or simply arrogant?

Putting themselves above the interests of the firefighters and the citizens of the district is just plain arrogance.

They talk a good game over there, but behind the scenes they repeatedly prove their wallet is more important than your safety.

They continue to take advantage of you by taking the excess while promoting a ballot measure for the appropriately named “Excess” levy.


I say we put a stop to it until proven responsible leadership can be shown.

Vote No on South King Fire & Rescue Prop 1


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