Passage of the Excess Levy is a dire concern for the fire district.

Signs have been ordered and will sprout soon throughout the district.

Here comes the money

Some in this already cash strapped district have ample funds to promote an Excess Levy

Reports filed with the Public Disclosure Commission show the committee chose Full reporting, meaning that well over $5,000.00 will be spent trying to get your approval for collecting Excess revenue to pay for the Excess commissioner travel and food perks.


The newly formed Vote Yes For Fire & EMS Committee filed with the PDC last week.

Even though they are clearly aware of the date for the election, they claim the measure to be on the ballot on the fictitiously set date of  02/14/12. While some may consider this to be blatant misrepresentation of facts, others may see it as a simple mistake.

I am sure the committee was in reality formed to influence the measure on the April 17, 2012 ballot.

Interestingly, the same members making up this new committee have filed reports in previous years. So they should be acutely aware of the requirements. Sure hope this is not a continuation of the trend.

Disrespect for the law

Does anyone else see a trend of fundamental flaws within this district?

  • A commissioner so derelict in their PDC reports that they merit violation investigations
  • 2010 committee that failed to complete filings for the campaign
  • 2012 committee that can’t even fill in the correct election date on their report.


I refuse to remain silent while elected officials continue to milk us for precious tax dollars then have the audacity to ask for more.


Vote NO on Excess Levy

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