Call it what you want, but when a simple bookkeeping task turns into a scramble of inaccurate Public Disclosure Commission reports, you really have to question the financial acuity of our leadership.


Last November I became aware of some some glaring errors in the YES ON PROP 1 COMM required by law  reports.

It appeared that the co-chairs, Ryan Herrera and Ed Plumlee (that’s right, this was controlled by the union president and our Assistant Fire Chief) had failed to properly report expenditures and never submitted a final report as required by law.

Entrusted with over $37,000 dollars to influence the election, these two failed to follow basic record keeping practices.

It took several months for the PDC to take action but in the past two weeks a flurry of amended  reports have been filed. But these only add to the confusion.

In some cases the actual amount paid for services, which should have been easily verified by invoice or receipt, changed. And in one case a new $900.00 expense suddenly appears.

Still in the wind is the final report, which was required to have been filed in late 2010.

I think they are waiting until the PDC finishes doing their accounting job for them and gives some sort of approval to their questionable records.


Trusted Public Officials?

Or merely financial bumblers? Finding new expenses and changing existing ones to make the numbers match (and still not right) look like cooking the books to me.

As the latest ballot measure takes flight, this group is struggling to meet legal requirements and stumbling over themselves filing inaccurate and incomplete reports.

Do you trust them with millions in tax dollars?


I don’t think they can handle it and these reports prove it.



On a side note, who is paying for the Yes Prop 1 signs that are popping up? Two weeks ago I found a record for Vote Yes For Fire & EMS Committee, a group who filed with the PDC in support of the levy, but now they are no longer visible.

And wouldn’t it be illegal to use the supposedly left over money from a single year campaign two years old for this new effort without refiling? The public has a right to know who is paying to influence the vote.



At 5:33 Friday evening an email arrived from the PDC that somewhat answer one question. I think.

Using assumed names and misleading the public are apparently accepted practices enforced by the Public Disclosure Commission.

YES ON PROP 1 COMM and Vote Yes For Fire & EMS Committee are indeed one and the same group. The problem is they filed with the PDC as a Single Year committee. But are in reality a Continuing Committee. And as such apparently get to enjoy the protection of name change without declaring their real identity.

When they originally filed and told the PDC they were a Single Year entity, the PDC assigned them a filer identifier number. So now, no matter what they chose to call themselves, they are required to keep using that same number.

Which probably means that the rules are different and will be conveniently interpreted to exonerate the failure to file final reports in 2010 as required.

Anyone following this twisted sense of government regulation?

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