Why would you hold a meeting of elected officials in a restaurant?

So you can eat well and write off the meal, of course!

From the Governors office down, public agencies tell us that there is no fat in the budget, we have cut to the bone and must raise taxes or lives are at risk.

And now comes the public plea for a tax increase from your fire district. Appropriately called an Excess Levy.

Is there any excess in our department?


The Dinner Meeting

So why is it that quasi-public agencies that don’t even have an address, website, telephone number or any means of contact, (secret society?) insist on holding their monthly meeting in a restaurant?

We all know that food increases attendance, and getting paid to attend a meeting adds incentive, so convening a meeting of public employees at a nice Italian eatery makes logical sense, right?

That seems to be the logic of an organization I believe is called the King County Fire Commissioners Association. (confusing because the form lists the meeting by different acronyms. KFCFC or KCFCA)

While I can’t seem to find a number for this supposed organization to call them and talk about this practice, this is one of the monthly meetings that we pay our fire commissioners to attend. Sometimes twice a month if you are on the exec board of this mystery organization.

And because it is held at a restaurant, we treat them to a fine meal on the public dime. Every month. Just add it to your expense account.



From an expense perspective, meeting at an already existing free-to-use location would be more practical.

Since these elected officials are all fire department employees, seems practical, prudent and even honorable, that any fire department could house them for a meeting. Every fire district has some sort of meeting area well equipped to host events like this with little or no cost to the taxpayer for the room much less added meals.

And, if shunned by their own departments, I offer a free and well known alternative. Just as conveniently located throughout King County are places called the King County Library System. Meetings rooms are available in all of them free for the asking. The bad news is your don’t get any Italian food. Sorry.

Or, again in lieu of a food establishment costing taxpayers money and to save that pesky mileage expense, how about a roving meeting place in which the fire commissioners take turns hosting at their various departments?

Free use of the meeting room and no meal expense for the taxpayers to pick up the tab for?

But then, who would show up?


 Budget Crisis?

Pay no attention to the budget crisis, it doesn’t apply to us. We just use that phrase when talking to the public about money. And heh, a mans gotta eat, right?

Would you please pass the bread sticks?

Oh, and I need another napkin, too, I seem to have sauce on my face.


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