I am sure some heartfelt words of appreciation were said before one of your commissioners finished celebrating the retirement of Deputy Chiefs Knorr and Trackwell.


Hopefully some of them were ‘thanks for the opportunity to get paid to be here’.


Never one to pass up a meal or a paid ‘meeting’, Commissioner Fossos once again shows how ‘honored’ he is to serve the constituency.


The department held a gala for the retiring public officials and the general public only knows about it because elected officials insist on being paid to attend. Another self-serving heavily payroll attended function that only select members of the public were invited to.


Whether it be a funeral for a former co-worker, sentencing hearing for a convicted embezzler or farewell party, this commissioner never fails to show how ‘honored’ he is to pay his respects.


On March 29th, Commissioner Fossos attended the party then on April 10th he sent in his pay sheet demanding payment, plus mileage of course.


Consistent would be an understatement, this elected official has no understanding of a budget crisis.


And he wants you to pass another taxation of the people to pay for it.


What is your vote on the EXCESS Levy?

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