At the commissioners meeting today there was virtually no mention of the results of the Excess Levy. Other than a vague reference to it being too close to call.


While official certification is not until this Friday, and the Federal Way Mirror has said it failed by less than 1%, the department seems poised for some sort of eleventh hour reversal.


Remember, this is King County Elections we are talking about.


Or, and more likely, SKF&R will call for a recount.  State law does not provide for a mandatory recount of local issues however the district may surely opt to do so.


And with a cost of just $.15 for machine count and $.25 for a hand recount of each ballot cast, I envision either a special meeting to request the recount or the YES committee or IAFF 2024 paying the estimated $2790 to $4650.


Should the vote swing, anyone wiling to help pay for a recount?

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We will see as the days pass which avenue is taken, but certainly the district is not yet willing to resign.

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