Are they really listening?


The fire district has come before the voters twice in the past two years asking for either a stable funding mechanism or an Excess Levy.


And both were rejected by the voters.




Leadership? Is that the problem? And if so, is it the administration or the commissioners? Or both? It is decisions or actions? It is perception or real?

Spending? Is that why you voted NO? If so, is it fuel or food? Wages or travel? Buildings or needless meetings?

Attitude? Are they too close knit to approach? Dismissive and arrogant?

Firefighters? What have they done wrong? Do you think there is not enough community involvement? Do you believe they are paid too much? Too little?

What are these highly educated people doing so wrong that they can not pass a revenue ballot?



Can you pinpoint a problem? A specific policy or practice that needs to be fixed? Person that needs to be replaced or re-educated?

What change do you need to see in order to vote YES for a levy?

I want to know about it. Send my your suggestions or complaints. I will try to get you an audience or at the very least post them here.

The district is reading my blog. Maybe you can get the to start paying attention.

While you need to identify yourself when you email me, I will not disclose your identity unless you agree to it.

For even more anonymity, send your suggestions to me in the mail. without a return address if you want.

Send a message below or post a letter to: Jerry Galland, POBOX 1843, Milton, WA 98354

Lack of input

It has been almost two years since the district held a Citizen Advisory Team meeting where average taxpayers could join avid supporters to voice suggestions and opinions on what type of funding should be secured to ward off the current budget crisis. Some felt these meetings were outcome based sessions where serious discussion was politely handled and the original district concepts were ultimately adopted.

Whatever the reason, this year they simply did not invite you in.

This time, instead of bothering with organized meetings and public opinion, they talked amongst themselves and made a decision for you. Was it the right one? From the viewpoint of many, these were merely good-old-boy meetings with arrogant participants determined to get their way at whatever cost.

And when it was presented for a vote, again you said NO.


What will it take to either pass a levy or establish a Service Benefit Charge?



Many citizens have some excellent comments but have been put off by the harsh and unwelcome requirements of the board of commissioner meetings.

Several that I spoke with have expressed feeling intimidated or bullied by the administration and feel frustrated that they are not being listened to.

After SKF&R instituted the signup sheet requiring full name and address be completed before you could even ask a simple question, that intimidation became too uncomfortable. Since the sheet had to be turned in prior to the start of the meeting, arrive late and you missed out until next month, long after any pertinent input was of value.

Now none other than payroll or former payroll even bother showing up. Unless folks are specially invited, it is always a room full of employees agreeing with each other. Kind of like working in a vacuum.


What will it take?

I want to know from the citizens what needs to happen in order for a measure to pass. Can the commissioners do anything to get your vote? Change anything? Improve something?

From fuel to mileage, travel and meals solid cost saving ideas have been presented. And ignored. Apparently just hinting telling them about it is not enough. But maybe voting down the levy might get their attention.


Now, what do we do with it? Pretending for a moment that the arrogance is replaced with humility at these historic failures, should they start paying heed, what do you want to say?


Send a message below or post a letter to: Jerry Galland, POBOX 1843, Milton, WA 98354

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