Yes votes – 59.32%

No votes – 40.68%


I attended the canvassing board meeting this morning and the official certification confirms it. The district could not overcome the minimum and swing a reversal. Much to the disappointment of the board who basically ignored the levy issue completely at their monthly meeting Tuesday.

So now, because they sat stubbornly in denial, there is a one month delay in dealing with the loss.

Unless, of course, they spend the money for a special meeting to deal with what should have been addressed at the regular meeting.

Do you see the pattern and why they are so dysfunctional?

Unless they can get more of your money just to deal with the basics of their job, they refuse to.Deny there is an issue that we need to discuss and deal with now then call a special meeting later to discuss it. Maybe no member of the public will show up, because after all, we don’t advertise our special meetings and nobody is aware when or where they will be.


Has this administration not learned anything?


They are not looking at themselves and asking what can we do to improve out image? They are not looking at each other and asking what can you do to improve our image nor are they even askingĀ  each other what can you do to improve our image.

None of the above.

It is so much easier to simply ignore the public unless asking for more money and continue to blame Jerry for their failures.

While repeatedly spending the taxpayers money on self-serving, (but legal) travel, food, meetings and other perks, these leaders refuse to admit they can not control themselves and that they are the problem.

What will it take to pass a levy?

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