“It’s the economy, stupid!” seems to be a common mantra for state and local budget failures and low tax revenues.

Improving the economy therefore is the most reasonable way to increase revenues.

So what can we do to stimulate the economy?

Some voice that government should give bailout money, others say close the loopholes and a few rally raising taxes. There is even a faction that still wants to pass the income tax.

I say we address regulation.

Our government at all levels has imposed so many restrictions on business development and growth that thousands of people in our community are unemployed and disenfranchised.

Whether it be a tax on employees, rampant unfounded increases in L&I or an onerous B&O structure, every employer in the state can cite multiple expensive burdens placed on them that stifle starting a business, hiring more employees or expanding operations.

From the state level, we can and must address government imposed restrictions of private businesses. Loosening them to allow growth and hiring.

Only then will our economy stabilize and flourish. Only then can we re-visit the budget and expect to see revenues increase.

Note: Now would be a great time for me to remind you that in order to be your representative, I  need your support to reach other voters. Visit my website for more about me and how to help send me to Olympia  www.elect-jerry.net

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