Why do I come to you, the private citizen, asking for money to reach the voters?

The unions and lobbyists are officially buying this election and trying to buy your vote. This is called Business as Usual in politics and I want you to be clearly aware of it.

My opponents in this race are either deeply indebted to their special interest groups, using contributors money for pay-back to friends, or both.


The ‘investment’

The public sector unions are ignoring potential implementation of The Wisconsin Solution. Instead the unions favor ‘hiring’ the liberal contenders to raise taxes and increase their wages and benefits.

The supposed ‘conservatives’ have also rushed to get Special Interest money. And it has started to flow in, selling their representation in Olympia to the highest bidder.


Asking for support – Candidate breakdown


What we all have in common is the Interview For Endorsement process.

Every candidate gets dozens of invitations from the special interest groups, each hoping to invest in their own future by putting money into the election machine, gambling on huge returns. Every one of my opponents raced down to ply for contributions and endorsements. They are all on The List. (covered in an earlier posting)

They brag about the endorsements on their web sites and at public appearances, but then become secretive and never reveal how much they are getting paid to become a special interest mouthpiece.

I have attended several of these interviews, hoping to gain insight into what concerns the businesses have with your lawmakers. These are educational meetings for all attendees, where I have always come away happy that I met with the interviewers.

The meeting commonly ends with a comment about when they will be making contribution decisions. This is because that is usually the only reason a candidate will give them any of their valuable time. The candidate is seeking money, and lots of it.


Buy me or Support me?

Here is where I differ from every other candidate. My representation in Olympia is for the citizens that elected me to office, not the lobbyists.

I tell the potential endorser/contributor that while I know it takes money for me to reach the voters with my message, any money given to me will have no strings attached and will not gain any special favor for their organization.

My purpose for coming to the ‘endorsement interview’ was to meet the organizations, understand their concerns and ask how we could work together to get this state back on the right course for jobs, education and economy.

And I went to friendly groups and not-so-friendly groups. (read the SEUI Experience I posted earlier)

If any organization feels that because of my principles and political platform I am the right candidate for the job, please support my campaign. But I am very upfront about not being their puppet in Olympia.


Who gets what and from whom?

The Federal Way Mirror has made the comparison process a little easier, listing major contributors for candidates and the amounts they have given. Where an individuals name appears, they have also listed some of the contributors employer, while leaving others to wonder.

For a more complete list, the Public Disclosure Commission posts all income and expense reports on their website for you convenience.

Check who bought your candidate. Then decide if they are representing you, or special interest.


And on the pay-back friends nepotism  issue.

It appears that only one candidate feels compelled to hire a ‘consultant’ for political advice, even though currently elected official who has run for public office multiple times. The campaign manager (treasurer) arranged the plum position that sounds a lot like a Ponzie scheme, putting in $500 and getting back over $3,000 in a few short weeks. Great Return On Investment.

Most candidates-with-friends are not so open about it. They normally wait until after the unsuspecting public has elected them before appointing those rewarding positions. Giving 20% of your contributions for ‘advice’ has got to take a toll on precious funds reaching out to the voter.

Yes, I still need your contributions

 All that said, I still need financial help to get your message that you want accountable and responsible representation in Olympia out to the voter. A single mailing will cost me over $4,500 dollars which I do not have.

Failure to give the voters a fair reasonable option ends up with the “lesser of the evils”. It may be lesser, but it is still evil.

Jerry Galland,  POBOX 1843,  Milton, WA 98354

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