The fire department says if you have any questions, please direct them to the district.

During an exchange with Ryan Herrera, president of the local firefighters union, related to a letter in the Federal Way Mirror, he revealed an intimate knowledge of the FEMA SAFER grant policies and workings, but, when asked the same question I later put to the chief, suddenly became evasive and wrote “I don’t believe that the 9 firefighters are the same”.

As the president of the firefighters union, keenly interested in the firefighters he represents, I question the accuracy of that answer.

Decidedly not very informative, to say the least, considering these two funding mechanisms are both expected to burst soon.

Truly, it seems a shame that someone can not state for sure if the 9 firefighters of both proposals are the same, especially since they otherwise seemed so well informed about the two funding requests, including recent changes to the requirements.


Many I have heard from actually expect the otherwise YES/NO answer to be elusive for at least the next several weeks; conveniently coinciding with the election returns.


Letter To Chief Church

I was able to get a direct email address for Chief Al Church and sent him this question on July 12, 2012 at 3:50pm


Chief Al Church,


There appears to be two funding requests for nine firefighters from South King Fire & Rescue approved by the district in the first two months of this year.

On January 26, 2012, the district administration presented to the commissioners, and the commissioners passed resolutions to place the Excess Levy on the April ballot. The Excess Levy, in part, is described as funding one additional Aid Unit, requiring the hiring of nine new firefighters.

Also earlier this year, in an application dated February 26, 2012, the district applied for a FEMA SAFER grant, for an amount of about $1.8 million, also identifying the need to hire nine firefighters.

Can you clear up some confusion about what these two funding mechanisms are addressing?


·         Are the nine firefighters the FEMA grant is seeking to fund the same as the nine firefighters that the Excess Levy is seeking to fund?


·         If the Excess Levy passes, SKF&R has stated they intend to hire nine new firefighters to staff one aid unit. If the FEMA SAFER grant is approved and accepted, SKF&R is required to hire nine new firefighters. Does this mean that, should both funding measures be approved, SKF&R will be hiring eighteen new firefighters?



Jerry Galland



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