The fire department says they are in a budget crisis. Some of your elected ‘leaders’ say hogwash.


Pay me or I won’t show up.

June 6th Federal Way celebrated Flag Day. Commissioner Fossos attended and charged you $104 dollars for the “honor”.

Ever month Commissioners Fossos and Rickert insist getting paid for mileage to attend in-district meetings and meals while at ‘dinner’ meeting every month in Bellevue.

These two so-called leaders are not getting the message. If the firefighters are taking wage cuts, if the district is not hiring, if the administration is getting laid off, why are they still demanding and getting paid for perks?

I have every meeting reimbursement form for all of your commissioners for the past two years. And every month these two commissioner have gotten paid unnecessary mileage. Just because it is legal, they make sure they get theirs. Essentially saying “Screw the taxpayers”.


Those who get it

Some in the department get it. Thank you Commissioners Mark Freitas, Mark Thompson and Bill Gates for NOT charging mileage and meals.

Link to the latest scanned proof of why I claim there is arrogance, denial and waste in your fire department.

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