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Crickets from FEMA and SKF&R

$3.5 million in local taxes collected every year and $1.8million from federal taxes taken from you, filtered through a government handling office then ‘returned’ to you as a manna from heaven grant.
I wrote earlier about the duplicity of the Excess Levy and the FEMA firefighter grant. And how I asked the chief if the 9 firefighters each is asking funding for are the same.

In a showing of his true leadership skills and dealing with adverse opinions, Chief Church has taken the child-like preschool stand.  He has decided to totally ignore me and vowed never to talk to me again. No letter or phone call will ever be answered. Kind of like hands over the ears and singing loudly whenever  I speak.

Suffice to say, no answer.

The FEMA grant office was also contacted weeks ago and after a few terse ‘please call our office’ ceased written communication without answering any of the simple and concise questions. Kind of like the Fast & Furious fiasco, or education records of our “most transparent” president.

FEMA grant

Every Friday morning, FEMA updates their grantee list. SKF&R applied early enough that we should have heard by now.

Does anyone else think it ‘convenient’ that FEMA is not sharing their decision until AFTER the election?

With all the great publicity and awards we have seen given out by the department, many making the evening news, there stands a good chance this levy will pass, giving our department millions more each year for paying those generous pensions.

And next week, AFTER the election, when FEMA announces their grant of an additional $1.8million to SKF&R, we will hear Chief Church crowing about how hiring 18 firefighters will save more lives.

Shortly after that, I should have copies of the lavish contracts with several commanders and battalion chiefs that grant them thousands each year in bonus pay and help promote thousands of dollars in extra pension payments.



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