With every new count, it looks like the Excess Levy will pass. That is great.


 Any other news?

What bothers me though is the completely hidden $1.8 million that the district sought from FEMA without disclosing it to the voters, until AFTER the levy passed! (sure, there was a short note, AFTER I researched exposed the truth weeks ago)


Truth in advertising

While most of us want to know the real cost to us for our services, the district in their infinite wisdom has decided not to tell the federal tax money you paid might come back as 9 new firefighters.


I say we deserve to know how much of our hard earned money is actually going to fire protection.


When the district did both an Excess Levy AND asked for your tax dollars to be overcharged by the IRS, given to FEMA and then, after several administrations skimmed off their ‘administrative’ fees, sent the remainder back to the district, they misled the public.


Instead of actual costs passed on to the citizens

If SKF&R had made their case directly to the tax-payers, we would have saved all that unnecessary overhead and voted to tax ourselves a much lower rate and still getting the same value for our dollar.

Instead, just as I predicted weeks ago and wrote about in-depth last Friday, the district effectively managed to delay release of the FEMA grant news until AFTER the election.

Fair and open administration? I think not. What say you?


$3.5 million in local taxes collected every year and $1.8million from federal taxes taken from you, filtered through a government handling office then ‘returned’ to you as a manna from heaven grant.
I wrote earlier about the duplicity of the Excess Levy and the FEMA firefighter grant. And how I asked the chief if the 9 firefighters each is asking funding for are the same.



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