A disgraceful and amazing feat of sleight of hand, tight control and intense communication lead up to the news released last Friday.


Eggs on knife edge*

Going one better than Joe Steinmetz in 1939, this administration balanced your fire department safety future on their ability to withholding vital information and convince voters to pass an EXCESS LEVY.


We know better than you attitude


Once again, this department shows their contempt and distrust of an informed public.

Carefully presenting a $3.5 million annual revenue increase measure to the people while deliberately hiding their application to get a ‘gift’ from the feds for another $1.8 million is disgraceful.

I for one, want to know the true cost of our emergency services, and have some assurance that responsible people are making those services available, not have it subjected to some sleight of hand chance accounting method based on the whim of higher government.

This administration is sighing in relief that they were able to pull this off.  Telling the voters that there is a dire need to pass an Excess Levy while secretly advocating for millions in additional funding is flawed at best and deceitful at worst. Coming too late in the campaign blitz, I exposed this charade in an earlier post, resulting in the department having been successful in hiding their duplicity until the grand unveiling last Friday.

Now, they can rejoice in the spinning the case of the card up the sleeve slipping undetected into their hand.


Supposedly unscheduled workdays mean thousands in bonus pay

And continue to jack the annual salaries and  life-long retirement pensions of their own to expansive levels. (Details to come.)


But we know better.


*Joe Steinmetz doing an egg balancing act on the edge of a knife. (Joseph Janney Steinmetz , Photographer, 1939)

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