I have written about the intentional delay in letting the public know about the $1.8 million dollar grant until AFTER we voted to raise our taxes $3.5 million each year.


Nicely, that was successful. The ballot measure passed on August 7th and the grant was conveniently announced on August 10th.


Did the administration have anything to do with the timing of these multimillion dollar tax increases?


Some Facts to Ponder


Let’s read what Donna Connor had to write about it.

During weeks of preparation, last February, (while the commissioners were considering putting the Excess Levy on the ballot) Ms. Conner sends an email to several other schemers citing the need  for secrecy:


…”Please don’t share the information as “the chief” wants to keep the SAFER Grant application under wraps from the commissioners”…


So while I accuse the leadership of intentionally deceiving the public in their duplicitous funding scheme, apparently the chief culprit is more easily identified.


How about from a the Federal Government employee?


This attempt at cover-up apparently reached further. All the way to the federal government as evidenced by the email to Ms. Conner from FEMA program assistant Brian Ipsen on May first showing that even he was not sure who it was safe to share secret information with:

…”I hope I don’t get you in trouble, Gordy called me and I told him that he should talk to you since you already asked the question”…


Let’s plot out the delaying tactic so the public is kept in the dark

Just days after the failed vote in April, Ms Conner writes of working on Plan B. Asking a Department of Homeland Security employee in an email dated April 30  what she termed (in bold) a “hypothetical question about SAFER“, Ms. Conner writes:

…”However my administration has told the union membership that if we get awarded for 2011 SAFER that they are going to ask for an extension right away.”


And on May 2nd, in response to a query about the anticipated news, Chief Church responds, again only to a select few internal administration:

“”I hope we don’t hear for a longgggggggg while…”


But the chief wants to be transparent and open. Right?


Other internal emails to and from Chief Al Church detail controlling the need to keep the public from knowing about the SAFER grant at all costs.

Continuing to exclude the elected officials from any discussion, on June 22 he sent an email to several in the administration which contained the following:

“I will not accept any grant until after August 7th.
So…even if we are awarded something prior to August 7th, we will need to see if we can request an extension.”


We will read some reports in the paper about the grand work the department has done on our behalf in securing the coveted SAFER grant and selling the public on the EXCESS LEVY.


Even though this only came to light after I forced the issue, I suspect some spin will be spun to make it sound all above board.

But here is glaring proof of collusion and cover-up within our fire district.

What do you think?


I will be getting some more information from FEMA employees through the Freedom of Information Act, that should detail further the deliberate actions on the part of this department to secret from disclosure millions in added funding while simultaneously publicly begging crisis at the ballot.

Let’s see how well the new information dovetails with what the department disclosed.

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