Was this a figment of David Myers imagination?


Was he simply lying to gain sympathy for your vote?

Or did the district merely take almost 4 weeks to remove any evidence of this supposed ‘journey’?

Read the remarkable story in the Federal Way Mirror of how one citizen claims to have journeyed into a smoke filled room during fire department training exercises. And he even claimed this was done while surrounded by South King Fire & Rescue personnel.


The problem is, according to the response I picked up today from SKF&R, it never happened.

To my question about when did Mr. David Myers participate with members of SKF&R for his adventure, the official response is :

“The District has no records responsive to this request”

None of the other questions on the request about liability, training, costs or reason for citizen participation yielded any records either.


So what conclusion would you draw?


It seems obvious to me that either Mr. Myers is lying, or the District is lying.

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