277% pay increase in just 5 years.

In a November 2010 article, Chief Church said he cut $650,000 from the budget by several measures, including “Cutting overtime in half” and “Freezing administrative salaries at 2010 levels”

Curious how much of a wage cut the administration took while the firefighters froze theirs?

And how does one employee, with administrative approval, almost TRIPLE his annual take home pay? (This really affects how much he will reap from the taxpayers in retirement benefits)


Sticking it to the taxpayers and retiring in kingly style.


Here is the scheme. Every Battalion Chief (BC) has a scheduled duty. This puts a designated person in charge.

When a BC works an extra duty shift, it is aptly called a Bonus Shift (BS) and he receives premium pay for the inconvenience. There is a clear protocol for who gets this assignment.

BC Robert Stinnett appears to have been the ‘chosen’ one.


 What the public was lead to believe


According to Chief Allen Church, everyone in administration and management received the same type of wage freeze as the boots-on-the-ground firefighters, essentially frozen at 2010 levels.


Technically, he appears to be right. Base wages were static for the last two yeas. But they took great pride in finding ways of working around the system for their retirement benefits.


The Details on retiring RICH from public ‘service’

What is your reaction to one employee turning a measly $84,700 wage in 2007 into a whopping $236,214 in a mere 5 years?


You read that right. This “cash-strapped” district, publicly decrying a “crisis”, not only nearly tripled this man’s annual income, just to boost his retirement pay, they approved so much ‘Bonus’ pay for an administrator that they could have put another firefighter on the street!



Well it is actually pretty simple and a trend among public employees.You see, your retirement benefit is based on the last three years you worked. SO, if you are making a piddly $85k per year, and want a $120k retirement income, just pad the income for the 3 years before retirement.

Even if the department is screaming crisis. Even if the firefighters take wage freezes. Even if revenues DECLINE. Even if the chief sends out letters saying we need to raise revenues or people will die.


Robert Stinnett retired in late 2011. Jumping from $84,718 in 2007, to pad the retirement at your expense, his last three full years have incomes $90,492 in 2008 (modest 6.8% raise), $125,718 in 2009 (39% increase from previous year), $132,721 in 2010 (modest 5.5% increase from previous year) and for the first 8 months of 2011 he ‘earned’ $236,214.(78% increase from previous year) Some of that was probably from other sources but was still declared as wages so unless you can correct me, it counts towards his lucrative retirement check at taxpayers expense.

Retirement from public service is very lucrative when you have friends that will help you pad your nest egg.


What is happening right now?

 So, the department came to you and begged for a tax increase for Excess Levy.

And, of course, everyone in the district was frozen at 2010 wages, right?








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