What the administration told you in their plea for passage of the Excess Levy for maintenance and operations:

“Our Board of Commissioners is putting forth a funding measure called an Excess Levy. This four (4) year levy will allow SKF&R to bridge the shortfall between current revenue and the actual cost of operating. The levy also allows SKF&R to open one of the closed aid units. Nine firefighter/EMTs are required to re-staff this response unit.”


So right there in plain English, our leadership told the public that raising taxes would be used to hire nine (9) new firefighters.

It was a hard sell since the last two measures put on the ballot failed.

This time every ounce of pressure was put on thousands spent in positive spin. The  measure narowly passed and funding starts in 2013


Any other money coming in?

While not letting the public in on their scheme, what the fire department told FEMA when it sent in their plea for $1,817,649 dollars in SAFER grant money:

“This request for funding is for $1,817,649.00 which is for 9 firefighters for two year grant period of performance.

The department committed to the hiring of NINE new firefighters when it accepted the SAFER grant and factored this fresh money in their 2013 budget.


18 new firefighters to be on the streets by 2013

With the additional revenue from both the Excess Levy, and with documentation showing the department told the voters that their money would be used to hire nine (9) firefighter/EMTs,  and the FEMA SAFER Grant, for which the department also told the federal government that their money would be used to hire nine (9) firefighters, does anyone believe we are not going to hire eighteen (18) new firefighters?

It is either hire 18 new firefighters, as promised to get the money, or refuse whatever portion of the revenue required to offset the failure to perform.

After all, if you are not really going to do as you say, you have no right to keep the money, do you?

And being honorable and responsible elected officials and administration, these folks will do the public proud, right?

You know, they may need to approach the voters asking for money again soon and their credibility will be on the line.


The evaporating 7 firefighters

Disappearing faster than the steam from a fire hose sprayed on a residential fire, the department rapidly absorbs the new infusion of cash and outperforms David Copperfield by adopting a budget making 7 firefighters disappear:

 “The expense side of the budget reflects the hiring of eleven (11) new firefighters, with nine (9) of them funded through the SAFER Grant and two (2) funded through the approved maintenance and operations levy.”


Cash strapped and begging for money, your department used public sympathy to pass an Excess Levy to tax away your hard earned money while promising to use your money to hire NINE new Firefighters.

So why in the hell did three of your elected officials pass a 2013 budget using $3,500,000 to hire only two (2) firefighters? 

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