I laud the actions of South King Firefighters Foundation president and the IAFF Local 2024 union president for their swift response recently.


Earlier this week I contacted the organizers and made them aware of some potentially dire corrections that needed to be made in The John Moncrief Raffle.


Newly launched, several points of the raffle were being done in violation of the Washington State Gambling Commission and if not addressed immediately could have resulted in an investigation and ultimate penalties from the Washington State Gambling Commission. Unchecked, these unintended violations could have jeopardized the abilities of the entire foundation.


Once aware of the situation, both Kevin Crossen, President of the South King Firefighters Foundation, and Ryan Herrera, President of IAFF Local 2024 took immediate action to correct these problems.


I am very pleased that because of their quick actions the raffle can still be held.


Please, as you consider your charitable donations this year, visit the pages of the firefighters foundation. Their work helps our local community all year long and not only puts 100% of your dollar back into the much needed and appreciated services, your donation brings the extra bonus of a team of dedicated firefighters with it.


Rare is the opportunity to have your donation work so hard for those that need it.

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