Funds are limited and the requirements are strict.


Devastation is now the norm in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and local emergency services were put to the stress test. When you consider the $1.8 million that SKF&R accepted and then did not meet its obligations to the voters, it is a further travesty to the abilities of FEMA to serve areas of greater need.


What do your elected officials think?

We passed an Excise Levy in August that we were told would be used to hire 9 new firefighters, the exact number required to staff an aid unit. That is what the ballot measure said, that is what the department sold to you and that is what you voted for.

So after the Excess Levy passed everyone breathed a sigh of relief knowing we gave the district enough money to hire 9 new full time firefighters.

But they schemed  different spending plan. One that favors their pockets, thanks to your lack of oversight.


Those sneaky commissioners.

The administration at South King Fire & Rescue made sure the FEMA grant restricted to hiring 9 full time firefighters was not awarded until after the levy passed. Then, once they accepted the FEMA grant, the department pompously felt justified reneging on their stated use of voter approved funds from the Excess Levy.

Instead, SKF&R decided to abuse the will of the voters and is using the money for across the board raises, promotions, comfortable benefits packages and several hundred thousand dollar severance packages.

Excess Levy takes on a much clearer meaning.

All the while other agencies and businesses continue to suffer the effects of a bad economy, tightening their belts, with many closing their doors completely.


Meanwhile, elsewhere in the country real need exists. FEMA estimates they will only have enough money for Hurricane Sandy to last through early spring.


Not to worry when you have a department that flaunts screw the voter and screw the rest of the country. We got ours and you can’t do anything to stop us.


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