While it refuses to meet the obligations to the voters who raised their taxes to hire more firefighters, instead recanting allocation of the money they said would be used to return one aid unit to service, the fire district is still submitting applications for grants from the federal government.


Name me one politician who got elected by promising to raise your taxes.


This is the leadership failure we see locally and nationally.


After promising responsible governance, we see deliberate misuse of taxpayer funds while begging for more federalĀ  money.


(Hopefully I am not letting the cat out of the bag too soon, but if not this week then expect it to occur very soon.)


Today the government announced that our fire district will get an additional $1,185,894 grant to hire only 6 firefighters.


We will see two budgetary issues coming up for vote of the commissioners within the next month.


First will be the amendments and changes in the contract for the 2024 IAFF Local firefighters. It will contain multi-year raises and major benefit improvements for everyone.


Second will be the budget amendment that adds the FEMA grant money to the coffers. There may be a press release. After all, you would fully expect the district to announce they are hiring 6 more full time firefighters to protect the public, right?


So instead of using the voter approved Excess Levy for firefighters as promised, they can pad their retirement, take more trips for ‘training’ and raise everyone’s wages.

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