The commissioners meeting had it’s good points this afternoon.



Another raise and promotion was made in the department. Recognition of appointment of Deputy Fire Chief James Hugo was announced today.



Another announcement was that several of the firefighter recruits that the district did actually hire are doing well in training. Some better than others because of prior experience and training but Chief Church said he was very pleased with the progress of all of them.


News from around the state

Then there was disturbing news about two paramedics attacked at a gas station in Centralia in an odd scenario caught on video. Click here for full story.


Predictable elections, with amusing twist

Also interesting was the election of the chair and vice chair for 2013.

With the voting order as follows; Comm. James A. Fossos, Comm. Mark Thompson, Comm. Bill Gates, Comm. John Rickert and Comm. Mark Freitas.

It was amusing at how Comm. Thompson handled being nominated.

For the Chair, Comm. Fossos nominated Gates and Comm. Freitas nominated Thompson.

Then the vote was polled, from left to right (audience view) with Comm. Fossos voting for his nominee. then we all watched Comm. Thompson make odd faces and hesitated a long time pondering the cascade of what would follow.

The pause was more than pregnant as the room watched the gears turn; if Comm. Thompson voted for himself, Comm. Gates for himself (both logical, right?) then Comm. Rickert could be the swing, with Comm. Freitas voting for his nominee.

Comm. Thompson waited, made faces, smiled comically at the chief then said: “Comm. Gates”.

The cards fell into place nicely with the swing flapping for a four-one split, Comm. Gates was predictably elected as chair, the remaining votes moot.

And it is obvious Thompson is not willing to accept the responsibility or simply did not want the coveted seat.

The vote for vice-chair was not as dramatic. Nominees were Comm. Fossos ( nominated by Comm. Gates) and Rickert (nominated by Comm. Freitas), voting occurring in the same order as for chair, with Comm. Fossos, Comm. Thompson and Comm. Gates re-electing Comm. Fossos, and the other two votes no longer needed. For the record, Comm. Rickert voted himself and Comm. Freitas voted his nominee.


Lest I forget the title of the article.

Never an agency to waste an opportunity to vote themselves a raise, any raise, this body brought up the absurd.

Just moments before the assembled group singing a hearty Happy Birthday to their dear attorney, the board voted on Resolution 320, the revolving mileage and per diem platform.

Apparently the IRS gave everyone a raise, and these guys were eagerly standing at the trough to slurp it up. All of it. All 1/100 of a cent of it.

Yes, folks, the mileage increased a phenomenal amount this year, and while letting it stand unchanged from last year was an option, not for these guys.

Getting paid to drive to work was too important for those that consistently bill you for it and getting paid more was vital. Even 1/100 of a cent more.

(Actually, I think they did it just so I would write about it. Mission accomplished.)


Silenced is not forgotten

While the FEMA SAFER grant is just days away from being announced, once again this tight lipped group tried to keep their secret. Not even a whisper about the proposal to hire an additional 6 firefighters with the impending grant was not mentioned.

Considering the grant was so close, I’m surprised no one asked the chief for an update.

Of course, I am jesting. I am not at all surprised. To speak it would have been to make it public knowledge and they want none of that.


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