Line up the usual media lackeys, there will be a major report of good fortune from the chief soon. Although I was a bit premature in my reporting six weeks ago, the cat is out of the bag now.

FEMA announced this morning that even though the sequester is in full swing with $85 billion in spending reductions, your fire department will not feel the pinch.

A FEMA grant was awarded this morning for $1,185,894 with the stipulation (requirement) of hiring 6 new full time EMT trained fire fighters.

So, remember that $3.5 million Excess Levy which also promised 9 full time EMT trained firefighters? Well they never intended to spend one dime keeping that promise. That money is now free for anything they damn well want, from padding retirement pensions to expensive nationwide travel for ‘training’.

While just one year ago they were threatening us with loss of life and services, a year of scheming has the accounts swelling with behind the scenes fundraising, not one dime to be spent as promised or returned to the duped voter. And if they thought they could keep it secret, you would never be told.

I can’t wait until they come to the voter pleading their pitiful case for a new training center for all of the new hires to keep fit in. Lie after lie, when will the public wake up to the travesty?

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