It is said that timing is everything.


And so it was Sunday night in Des Moines.


South King Fire & Rescue responded quickly to control the boat fire in a covered portion of the marina.


Injuring two people with burns, the fire spread from the boat to other vessels and then to the dock and major structures.


The quick work of our firefighters was critical to keeping the fire from spreading and others from being injured.


Timing is everything.


One can only imagine the undercurrent within the department for the past several months that the department fire boat was out of commission. How can we protect the citizens when the boat is not functional?


As the days and weeks passed, and the team worked to overcome the many mechanical issues, each day must have brought minor relief that the boat was not needed that day to save lives.


From parts that failed from the manufacturer to the ubiquitous trailer not meeting requirements leaving the boat high and dry, members of SKF&R worked hard to put the boat back into service as soon as safely practical.


That effort, and many other behind the scene activities, was well rewarded Sunday when the fully functional boat, crewed with our well trained firefighters, responded to a fire at the Des Moines Marina.


It wasn’t that long ago that waiting for a boat from Seattle or Tacoma was protocol, which could have added several minutes to the response and unknown additional damage.


Thanks for a job well done!

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