There is a belief that there are only 6 degrees of separation between you and a stranger. Given enough time and naming friends and acquaintances, you will find that in 6 steps, or less, you both know someone.

Ironic then isn’t it that here is a case with only 1 degree of separation.

The Courtesy Photo in the article on a police officer who resigned over alleged misconduct was taken at a South King Fire & Rescue commissioners meeting for which the office was being awarded recognition. What are the chances that FF Brandon Church was at the recognition ceremony?

And now we know that the fire department is suffering its own unprofessional conduct incident.

Just a few days ago Chairman Bill Gates and the Board of Fire Commissioners voted 4-1 in a Special Meeting to use thousands of your tax dollars to defend FF Brandon Church in his Department of Health (DOH) investigation for extremely similar actions. FF Church’s contact with a patient he treated (less than three hours after he treated the patient) is described as ‘sexual innuendo”.

Brandon Church was found guilty by a department investigation of this and other questionable actions including lying and cheating, so we are just throwing good money after bad. Tax dollars, that is.


Also of note is that even on the website of the Federal Way Mirror, with the exposure of charges, others are declaring their willingness to come forward with their stories about former officer Ashley Crispin.
Do you really believe it only happened once with Brandon Church?
Is there anyone else that FF Brandon Church contacted that wants to make a report with the DOH?

Case 2013-5661DE
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