…..does the meeting become an illegal act by your elected officials?

The first part of the meeting was Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance, commissioner comments (none), public comments (none) and adjourn into executive session:


After returning from Executive Session, is was a brief making and reading of the motion and 4-1 passage to use your tax dollars for defending Brandon Church in his PERSONAL defense of his license.

In the following recording, Commissioner James Fossos is heard saying:

“I would like to make the following motion. I move that South King Fire & Rescue board of fire commissioners approve retaining Patterson, Buchanan, Fobes & Leitch to represent Brandon Church in his official capacity as a district firefighter in the pending Department of Health investigation.”

Motion was seconded and passed 4-1, Commissioner Mark Freitas voting against.




Just last week South King Fire & Rescue Fire Commissioner and Chairman Bill Gates and the Board of Fire Commissioners voted 4-1 in a Special Meeting for the sole purpose of voting to use thousands of your tax dollars to defend FF Brandon Church in his Department of Health (DOH) investigation for ‘unprofessional conduct’ by contacting a female patient he had treated (less than three hours after he treated her) with what the department described as ‘sexual innuendo”.

Brandon Church was found guilty by department investigations of this and other questionable actions including lying and cheating, so we are just throwing good money after bad. Tax dollars, that is.

Bill Gates convened a special meeting to hold an executive session for the sole purpose of taking your tax dollars to defend a firefighter for his personal sexual actions. The DOH investigation is of the licensee Brandon Church. (Even the Federal Way Police Department recognize this was not proper as well as the city council of San Diego. The fire department thinks differently)

In very specific language by email the DOH has emphatically told me the department is NOT A PARTY TO THEIR CASE.

This is all about personal actions taken by Brandon Church.

Personal sexual actions that are costing you precious thousand$ of tax dollars deflected from safety.

I opine the entire meeting was illegal but the commissioners and administration took extreme measures to make sure that I was not aware of it until it was over.


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