So, is it Personal or in his Official Capacity?

Update: Read the entire investigation released by the fire department this week and decide for yourself.

You will see clearly that Brandon Church contacted the patient AFTER he ended his shift.


Let us add some background.

In the article published in the Federal Way Mirror, there are some of the actual documents dated February and March of 2012 which showed a proceeding which included an investigation, and findings that Brandon Church violated the laws of the Washington State and the Federal HIPPA Laws regulating the practice of a health care profession.

Other documents prove other occasions in which Brandon Church lied and cheated, to the point of receiving additional department discipline.


Now let us look at the current charges.

Apparently, every three years, health care professionals must renew their license with the Washington State Department of Health (DOH). In November of 2012 Brandon Church was required as a condition of employment to renew his certification.

This includes filling out an EMS Recertification Application. On page 3 is question number 7:

Have you ever been found in any proceeding to have violated any state or federal law or rule regulating the practice of a health care profession? If “yes”, please attach an explanation and provide copies of all judgments, decisions, and agreements.
Since a July 2013 Public Records Request to the DOH showed no such record was submitted, what conclusion do you come to about how Brandon Church answered that question?
So, did Brandon Church do this in his personal capacity or in his official capacity?
And why again are we throwing your tax dollars at a high priced uptown law firm?
Meanwhile, I counter the opinion of the district attorney that withholding the name of the patients friend who works at another fire department is legal.  More on that later.

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