How many times has your ire risen after reading of a police officer entering a home without a warrant?

What would you say if members of the local fire department did it AFTER transporting you to the hospital? Knowing there wasn’t anyone else at home?

An aid unit responded to a call, treated the patient, cancelled the ambulance, then transported the young female patient to the hospital, turning her over for care.

Afterwards, they remembered they forgot the AED in the woman’s home.

No problem.

Since they knew the home was unlocked, and the only person they knew lived there was just moments ago confined to the hospital, they “went back into the house to get the monitor”

Probably never even told the patient they slipped in to grab the equipment.

Later she reported she was nervous to call 911, worried the same two guys would show up. Wonder why?

Just another wrinkle in the weird happenings at South King Fire & Rescue.

But one of the firefighters had something else on his mind.

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