What 4 of our elected fire commissioners are not willing to tell you about where your tax money is going.

When they rushed to pass the motion to hire the attorneys Patterson, Buchanan, Fobes & Leitch to defend Brandon Church in the Department of Health investigation of his personal EMT license, Commissioners Bill Gates, James A. Fossos, Mark Thompson and John Rickert either knew about this deceit and chose to ignore it, or blindly took the word of someone who has been proven to be a cheat and a liar. Again.

Either scenario is bad and puts the department at risk. Serious risk. And shines a bright light on some very questionable, possibly unethical, behavior from your elected commissioners.

It is a proven fact that Brandon Church was found guilty of unprofessional conduct. And that he was on probation in October and November of 2012. Read the investigation report.


Renewal of much needed license to keep his job


In late October 2012, Brandon Church was required to renew his EMT license. Failure to have an up-to-date license meant he would not be able to do his job. We can all understand his motivation to keep his license current.

His application for renewal included the usual questions. All the important ones required a NO response. But considering Brandon Church was in the middle of a 12 month probation for unprofessional conduct, I am very concerned about his answer to one question in particular. And his attestation under penalty of perjury.


Applicant’s Attestation

On the application, there is a section titled Applicant’s Attestation which reads in part:

I, BRANDON D. CHURCH, declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the state of Washington that the following is true and correct:

  • I am the person described and identified on this application.
  • I have read RCW 18.130.170 and RCW RCW 18.130.180 of the Uniform Disciplinary Act.
  • I have answered all questions truthfully and completely.
  • The documentation provided in support of my application is accurate to the best of my knowledge.


There are a few more paragraphs then below is what has been accepted as the electronic signature of Brandon Church and the date of October 30, 2012.



Application for EMS Recertification.

See the answer to question 7? Brandon Church, while on probation for unprofessional conduct with our fire department, answered “NO” in big bold type to:

“Have you ever been found in any proceeding to have violated any state or federal law or rule regulating the practice of a health care professional?”

The problem though is that Brandon Church was found guilty by his supervisors at South King Fire & Rescue. Of Unprofessional Conduct. In March of 2012, a mere 8 months earlier.


RCW 18.130.180

What does the law that Brandon Church attested under penalty of perjury say?

Here are some pertinent excerpt from this chapter.

The following conduct, acts, or conditions constitute unprofessional conduct for any license holder under the jurisdiction of this chapter:

(1) The commission of any act involving moral turpitude, dishonesty, or corruption relating to the practice of the person’s profession, whether the act constitutes a crime or not.

(2) Misrepresentation or concealment of a material fact in obtaining a license or in reinstatement thereof;

(7) Violation of any state or federal statute or administrative rule regulating the profession in question, including any statute or rule defining or establishing standards of patient care or professional conduct or practice;

(13) Misrepresentation or fraud in any aspect of the conduct of the business or profession;

(20) The willful betrayal of a practitioner-patient privilege as recognized by law;


So where does Brandon Church stand in integrity?

Remember that question on his renewal application?


“Have you ever been found in any proceeding to have violated any state or federal law or rule regulating the practice of a health care professional?”

Brandon Church, while on probation for unprofessional conduct, answered “NO” in big bold type.


It would appear that Brandon Church willfully and consciously perjured himself.

And 4 of our elected commissioners have duped us about giving a personal gift of our tax dollars for private purposes.

What can Commissioners Bill Gates, James A. Fossos, Mark Thompson and John Rickert possibly say to justify this?



Ask Your Elected Officials

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