According to the interview of Acting Officer Scot McDonald, under the heading ‘Notes:’

“According to Scot, speculation was made that the patient was naked and that they transported her because she was “hot”. Scot was extremely insulted by this. He was also very surprised and upset about what Brandon did. He felt this was a serious ethics matter and for the Fire Department and the Patient’s sake we should thoroughly investigate”

Both Brandon Church and Scot McDonald testified they ‘made the decision to cancel the AMR call and transport her to the hospital’.

There are special circumstances in which South King Fire & Rescue transport patients. And all of them have some sort of condition regarding use of equipment, status or availability.

Read the Standard Operating Guidelines A-32

Not one of them suggests that being ‘hot’ qualifies.


The responding firefighters at some point called for AMR, the ambulance service contracted with SKF&R, to transport the patient. Then, for some reason, they cancelled the ambulance call.

Was this the right decision based on conditions?


Read details in the investigation.




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