Or are they classifying them as junk mail?


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I want to address those who have been using my blog to contact the commissioners.

When you clicked on the links to send them an email, you saw there was already some text in the subject line and body of the email.

That way, you could simply express your thoughts quickly and add to the email any details you wanted, a commonly used convenience.

But rumor has it your commissioners may be jumping to wrong conclusions about who is contacting them. Because the subject and body all start off the same or similar, I think some commissioners thought all of the emails were not from independent readers.

Hopefully they quickly realized that some of their other constituents were reaching out for answers and the commissioners were able to address your questions and concerns.

If you have not heard back, then maybe they still think the emails are coming from me, just using different addresses. My apologies for the confusion.

Since I rarely receive a reply to a direct email other than records request, if you sent any of your commissioners an email, and want to share it, please let me know. Especially if you received a reply you are willing to share.


Hopefully you received an answer. However, if some time has passed without a reply, then let me know that also.
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Because of some changes at the Mirror next month my blog may be ‘shuttered’. To keep reading my thoughts. just add Jerry’s Thoughts to your bookmarks.


Thanks for staying informed and following my blog,


Jerry Galland

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