South King Fire & Rescue fire commissioners make political gaff in public meeting at agency.

Listen to Commissioner Fossos reference political event at 1:00 to 1:30, then go on to try making policy about tracking who attends meetings.

Then Commissioner Gates proudly speaks of the same political event starting at about 6:50 thru 7:15 before being politely interrupted with a very pointed and telling question from another commissioner.

I am not the only one that was astounded at the violation of using public resources for political purposes.

As an aside, the question was asked about making a months old adopted amended budget public. It was adopted at the April 23, 2013 meeting. So why does Commissioner Gates make such a big deal about it being, incorrectly, adopted in May? He went out of his way to wave his copy around and condescendingly say look here, it was May. WRONG!

*The evening before this budget meeting, a candidate forum was held for those seeking local offices. Commissioner Gates is running for re-election and spoke at the forum.

Bear with the length. I have been wrongly accused of editing. This is the first nine and a half minutes of a two hour meeting, uncut, unedited.



First 9.5 minutes of the October 15th budget meeting

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