Balance of money verses accountability.

Apparently, your electorate doesn’t want to be accountable if instead he can spend your tax dollars on extra personnel.


Here is what Commissioner James A Fossos thinks about getting an email from you, the taxpayer, citizen, constituent.


The audio is not very good, (Fossos-email) but here is a summary of what he said at the board meeting Thursday.

  • Galland has given out my department email address.
  • I have received some emails on my department email address.
  • I immediately deleted those emails.
  • I did not open them or read them.
  • They were offensive emails.
  • I am not sure how they got through our firewall, or even if we have one.
  • I want to talk with our attorney about them.


So, when a constituent emails Commissioner James A Fossos at his department issued email address, he not only ignores it, he simply deletes your emails and then calls them ‘offensive‘. Not even bothering to find out if the writer has a legitimate concern or serious question, he swiftly terminates all communication with the ‘Delete’ key.

Commissioner Fossos says “It is my honor and privilege to serve as your Fire Commissioner.” But don’t you dare try to contact him!


Then there is this


At the same meeting that this email dissertation was revealed, the district voted 4-1 on spending tens of thousands of dollars to hire a Community Affairs Officer (CAO).  Community Affairs Officer

Under the auspices of improving communication with the public.


What? When the most logical communication method would be first hand, and direct, your commissioners bow down to the chief’s desire to spend more money on additional non-essential clerical staff. And simply delete your emails.


Using the department email address, just try to ask Commissioner Fossos a question. Let me know if you get an answer. I have started it for you with some sample text, simply edit it to say anything you want.

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