Meanwhile, in other news.


Not sure what this is about, but suffice to say your tax dollars will be wasted on it, again.


The district eagerly convened an executive session yesterday, with action likely.


Apparently, Chief Church has filed a formal complaint against Commissioner Freitas.  Complaint against Freitas


So the public does not get wind of the details, there was no discussion in the open public meeting, just a motion made by Commissioner Gates and a rapid 4-0 vote to approve hiring an outside attorney to investigate. Under the careful guidance of our own Joe Quinn.  Methinks that might have been illegal.


And so the public does not get to know the details until after the conclusion of the investigation, I am sure the district deliberately hired an attorney for the investigation so they could try to use the cloak of attorney/client privilege.


Wonder what has the chiefs panties in a bunch. Does it have anything to do with the fact that Comm. Freitas has been the lone vote against hiring taxpayer funded legal defense for the chief’s son?


Will provide details as they become available.


Anyone able to shine a light on this waste of tax dollars?

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