Since the motion was ‘tabled’ at the last public meeting, I wonder how it will be addressed, and when.

The SKF&R calender currently shows a Special meeting on November 4, (Station 68) at 4:00 pm. This meeting does not yet appear on the Elected Governance page, and the agenda is not visible, so the topics have yet to be revealed.

Want true visibility of your elected officials in action? Come to the meeting at Station 68, 1405 SW 312th for a first-hand view.

Thank you to all who expressed gratitude for my openly taking on these important public spending issues. Your kind words of encouragement more than offset the cool, and sometimes hostile,  reception of my inquiries at the district.

As I have stated many times, I am sure this spending is not allowed and the facts will result in correction of the current policy, possibly return of the money spent, as well as changing policy to curtail future similar mis-use of taxpayer funds.

The investigation continues.

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