Did the ‘legal committee’ summarily turn down revenue?


Money flushed down the sewer.


Remember that property sitting at 320th that the district says they bought years ago, supposedly to build a training facility on? (The real goal is a multi-million dollar administration complex, but more on that later)


Well, it is costing tax dollars every single day. Enough to put at least two full time firefights on the street.


A few weeks ago, a private developer approached the district seeking a sewer easement. This would have no adverse affect on the value or use of the land.


And I think that would have given the district cash. Easements of this kind are usually granted after negotiations that benefit the property owner.


Without approaching the full board of commissioners, two commissioners quietly met with the chief, assistant chief and presumably legal counsel to refuse the money.


If the offer had been discussed in an open public meeting, the other commissioners could have weighed in as well and any concerned citizens. But lack of openness and accountability are redundant hallmarks of this department.



Here is a thought about the new administration building.

I think they are laying the groundwork for approaching the taxpayers for $60 to $75 million in the form of a capital levy.

At the special meeting with the legislator, at which again only two commissioners attended, comments about the sad state of the training facility in Snoqualmie were mentioned. Something may be in the works sooner than later.

From the minutes:
“This facility does not meet the needs of training new firefighters.”

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