If you were to violate the conditions of your license, get a DUI maybe, would your boss break out his business account to pay for your attorney?

To the tune of $20 grand?

Well, into your wallets the fire district plunged.

While I thought the discipline meted out by the district should have been more than sufficient, the Department of Health (DOH) disagreed. Apparently there was good cause for an investigation according to DOH, because they imposed strict probation and other conditions on Fire Fighter Brandon Church.

Now open your wallet. Back in August of 2013 the board of commissioners voted 4-1 to use your taxes to defend FF Church.

Since he was not the least bit worried about how much it cost, knowing it wasn’t coming out of his pocket, FF Church felt damned comfortable squeezing every dime possible from you. And that he did.

Must be nice to have the deep pockets of taxpayers, friends on the board of commissioners and your dad as the chief everyone is trying to please.

Aren’t you glad you re-elected Bill Gates for another term of waste.

Whats next? And how much will it cost us?



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