The commissioners paid themselves for another meeting this evening, this time it was a “Special Meeting” at which they took turns publicly attacking Commissioner Mark Freitas for supposed past slights.

Apparently all for the sole goal of sanitizing the fire chiefs annual evaluation of one line regarding age, chairman Bill Gates and his pit bull vice-chair Jim Fossos nearly wet themselves to make motions that did nothing for the good of the district and much to show the public exactly how small they are.

Performing as trained monkeys, and poorly trained ones at that, they went out of their way during the last Legal Committee meeting to draft outrageous motions that wiggled all over the place so that each could present a motion, neatly choreographed to be seconded by the other, to call for censuring of Commissioner Mark Freitas.

The motion of censure was so ill-conceived that the districts attorney, usually their willing lackey to their chicanery, had advised them in executive session that it was a retaliatory motion and should not be made. But no, they were hell bent to ridicule to the max tonight.

I am working on posting the videos so you can see who at the table excels in disrespect at every turn, which explains why, as the master in bullying, he is so quick to accuse others of the merest slight.

Beginning of the “Special Meeting”

Second portion of Special Meeting – after Executive Session

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