And issue an ‘order’ to the Public Records Officer to DESTROY PUBLIC RECORDS that are by statute to be retained?

Is the altering and destruction of an official public record, in this case a formally approved performance evaluation of the fire chief, which by Washington State law is legally subject to retention in its original form, along with any modifications, allowed by simple motion of the board of commissioners to be altered and records destroyed?

Four of the five commissioners took an extreme measure to remove what appears to be one phrase from the evaluation regarding age and retirement, (although it now exists as a permanent record of the recent meeting), and attempted to ensure it was deleted from the evaluation and the districts files and records.

The meeting is posted in two parts of raw video, before and after executive session, on YouTube and the pertinent motion identifying the record and advocating what I consider to be its illegal alteration and destruction is after executive session, starting at about 1:30 through 2:30 although you may want to watch it from the beginning for accurate context.

Part two, after executive session: see pertinent portion starting at about 1:30 into the video

Part one, prior to executive session:

Riddle me this:

The Public Records Officer is so titled because they are the employee responsible for upholding the laws that make up the Washington State Public Records Act. While they may seek advice from the district attorney, can not they be held personally liable of BREAKING the law if they in fact are the person charged with willful destruction of retentive documents?

Just because four idiots of commissioners and their never-been-right-on-a-critical-matter attorney want to pacify a tyrannical boss does not indemnify the Public Records Officer from resisting the illegal demand to destroy or alter without retention those public documents to which they are entrusted to maintain.



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