Now that Bill Gates is showing his true colors, making the prophesy come to happen, are we going to wait for his next bullying personal attack and illegal actions to cast the district deeper into the gutter?


Or are we going to take action to save our Class 2 Insurance rating?


Remember, that rating is based on a wide number of factors and every day your district so-called leadership is steering us toward the gutter of lower rating.


Integrity and trust in the administration was high on the list of assets and Bill Gates along with James A Fossos and Chief Al Church are doing their level best to drag us down as quickly as possible.


And making illegal motions to destroy documents will not help in any way, shape or form. And for what? To remove a few words about age and retirement? All this crap over some imagined slight having absolutely no bearing on anything for the good of the district?


Hell, at this point regardless of age we would be better off if Church retired. Well almost. Those 4 dirty commissioners promised him over $340,000 in severance pay. Of your tax money. And he probably leaves behind a culture of bullying that infests others. God, I hope not.



And where is the union on this?

It appears the smudges that appeared with the Firefighter Brandon Church fiasco are turning into large sooty marks of complicity from the ever silent union ‘leadership’.


Instead of protecting the integrity of the uniform, the honor of the department and the citizens of the community, they remain true to the tyrant of a chief.


Oh, I answered my own question, didn’t I?

Every employee in the fire district serves at the pleasure of the chief. The chief has a long and rich history of retaliation for the slightest infraction in his fiefdom. And not a single member of the fire department, union or administration has the guts to defy him, even when he is wrong, very very wrong.

The chief has a standing order that any employee who speaks to me will feel the wrath of Hades. I have no doubt he placed the same order against your only elected official standing up to his bullying and for the citizens.

Look no further than the demeaning motion his boys Gates and Fossos drafted and passed to see the truth.

So devoted they are they would rather see the entire ship founder than utter a syllable in defense of the only fire commissioner they have that shows any honor and integrity.

This ‘investigation’ will show how sick the district is and how much in need we as citizens deserve a regime change.

An open public and sincere apology is well past due. What are you waiting for Gates? Fossos? Church?

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