As they said in A few Good Men, You can’t handle the truth!


Ready for a generous dose of bullshit and waste of tax dollars?


4 asinine commissioners skewer the only upstanding commissioner we have while pandering to a has-been fool of a chief?

What started it all:

“For many reasons, It is time to consider retirement. You are at the top of your game.”

The entire report



I am humbled by the generous amount of time and space the chief gave me in his complaint, by name or inference.

Including a shout-out for this very website.

I must really be in his head.

I am not sure what galls the chief worse, an elected official talking to experts in their field to better serve the district he represents, an elected official that is accessible to the constituents he serves and is willing to talk with them over coffee (on his own time/dime and not charge the taxpayers for the it like some of Al’s friends), his myopic opinion that he can simply dismiss anyone who disagrees with him as a ‘disgruntled employee’ (of which he mentions there are apparently many) or that a member of the public has enough brains to see what is going on without needing a ‘source’

Oh, why pick just one. He is throwing a major temper tantrum on all of it.




There was something validating to see in print, by his own hand, though. And it goes to his deluded state of mind.
From about the middle of page 41:

“I had requested a few modifications to my contract, including a severance package should the Board simply decide to eliminate me and move in a different direction thus preserving my ability to reach my full retirement (out of concern that Freitas and Galland could end up on the same Board, and then work to simply eliminate me and bring in someone of their own choice).”

Having the contract presented in such a blindside move of only presenting it minutes before the vote, Church was only able to triangulate three cohorts into voting yes (did they already know about it, in violation of quorum?) with John Rickert and Mark Freitas, asking for, and being denied, time to actually read the thing, voting no.


The ‘modification’?


Oh, that. Well, it was only jumping a mere one year severance check up to a two full year severance check. At the time a jump from nearly $170,000 to about $340,000, where it remains to this day.

This is consistent with the facts I have been writing and speaking about here and beyond ever since it was discovered.

Oddly, a few pages after he validates my speaking of the truth, on page 45 he writes that I am making ‘erroneous accusations about my severance package’

So, he freely admits that it was fear of me that prompted him to demand a $340,000 severance package, but it is erroneous of me to write about it.

I wonder who is feeding him information about my blog. I can’t imagine that he would stoop to visiting it himself.

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