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At great expense to the fire district Al Church sent his disgruntled employee letter to Bill Gates, who cherished it as an excuse to skewer Mark Freitas.

Instead of taking a leadership role, Bill gates bought into the false interpretation of the time to retire statement,  which was well supported by ample explanation not even approaching age discrimination, and contacted his buddy Jim Fossos, who brought in Al Church’s layer, who also, if you can imagine, is the attorney for the fire district, to put forth an ‘independent investigation’ with another buddy on the outside.

The complaint is the musing of a frustrated disgruntled employee. Pure and simple.

Every ‘charge’ against Commissioner Mark Freitas is weakened by the simple fact that his employer had clear established contractual expectations and the employee had failed on so many of them that it was time he was called out for it.

Many could have been dealt with internally on a more supportive nature had the chief just met the most basic of requirements, attend the board of commissioners meeting. Which is a condition of his contract.

But apparently, even though the required monthly meetings for next year are scheduled at the last meeting of the year, the chief could not make attending a priority, missing several. Prompting Commissioner Freitas to ask “Where is the chief?”

I can and will chronicle many other laughable ‘complaints’, but I am very curious about anothe development.


Where is the outrage?


We have several elected officials in our region, any one of which could have had these false charges levied against.


Had it been a complaint against Skip Priest, people would have come out of the woodwork taking a position for or against the accuser. In fact, that scenario played out more than once.

Many spoke on the Kelly Maloney-Skip Priest situation.


Starting the day the travesty was exposed, and as of this morning, I personally have contacted several ‘leaders’ in our community asking them to do two things.

First, contact Mark and tell him you support him in this time of attack. I understand a couple have done so.

And second, make a public statement that you do not condone the bullying activity that is taking place.

As of today, only a couple have spoken, according to the article in the Federal Way Mirror.


So what am I to think when these same ‘leaders’ come to me asking for my support? In their next election, on their next project, in their next big plan?


Their character is on the line.


I do not condone the actions of the majority of the board of commissioners to fail in their duty to deal with the only employee they are in charge of hiring/firing.

I do not condone the actions of the majority of the board of commissioners to protect the integrity of the district as we move into more difficult times.

I do not condone the actions of the majority of the board of commissioners to wage war against a fellow commissioner who, by all accounts in the disgruntled employees complaint, was doing his job as he was elected to do.

I do not condone the actions of the majority of the board of commissioners to abuse their authority as an excuse to bully.

Do you?



What do I have to lose?

Is there any reason why I should not expose a list of the people who have been provided the actual complaint, complete investigation, and otherwise apprised of the facts in this case and still remain silent of the obvious?


Do they deserve protection?


So the list of irresponsible public servants begins:




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