A new installment in our local Soap Opera wrapped up this evening as the regular meeting of the board of commissioners got under way.

(I did not make this connection. Mr. Federal Way put the junior-high spin on the juvenile behavior at the fire district. Paired it with another, supposedly unrelated, event in our area. The irony is not lost)



A few things of note. First, an excellent presentation of how he is raising awareness of services and activities in our community by Lt. Jeff Bellinghausen, recently assigned Community Affairs Officer for South King Fire & Rescue.

This starts at about 14:30 and goes for several minutes, well worth watching to hear how the district is reaching out to the community and how you can interact with the district.


Secondly, the most recently hired firefighters have completed probation and become numbered badge employees at South King Fire & Rescue.

Welcome aboard, everyone. Sorry for the bad camera angle.


Then the boring stuff. Skip this if you don’t want to hear my voice during Public Comments asking why the district is shutting the door on hundreds of thousands in cash for non-encumbering easement, and would rather saddle the taxpayers with additional tax burden in coming years.

And an opinion piece that was interrupted by Comm Fossos about the witch hunt against Comm Freitas.




Then a memory lesson and some bullying. Do you recall at the end of the Special meeting on March 10th, Chairman Gates was eager to announce the attack on Comm Freitas was behind us and he was eager to move forward?


Apparently not very far forward, though.


You can never please this guy.


Do exactly as he says and you are wrong, every time. Both him and Comm Fossos were spectacles, again, this evening.


Today, Chair Gates chose a positive comment Comm Freitas was making to Lt. Bellinghausen embracing the position of CAO to drag up something from months ago.


When a body votes 4-1 to adopt something, the natural position, the mature path, is accept you were outvoted and move on. The decision is made and we all need to embrace it and move forward. Same thing with a 3-2 vote. For the good of the body and the organization, you accept it and move on. It happens the world over.


Unless you are Chair Gates. He wouldn’t know maturity if it sat on his head. Months later, he is still fuming at the fact that Comm Freitas voted against the extra expense of a CAO.


Starts at about 25:00 with Chair Gates pandering to Chief Church and calling out Comm Freitas to explain himself. Then, like clockwork, Comm Fossos chiming in with another of his snide editorials.

Is Comm Thompson looking a bit uncomfortable as he sits between Comms Gates and Fossos?


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