Is the union proud of their decision?


Will Bill Gates and Jim Fossos succeed in bringing our district to complete and total disgrace?



Are you there yet?


How can you remain silently on the fence?


Mr. Federal Way has spoken


Former Auburn Mayor Bob Roegner has written



Others will be coming out. Soon.



Where do I link for your public statement on this injustice?






These are your elected officials. Do you agree with the Commissioner Bill Gates and Jim Fossos comments (after the 23:30 mark) in a public meeting? Were they respectful? Did they add anything of value? Would you have allowed, or confronted, it in one of your meetings?


Are you going to call them about it?


Comm Freitas noted earlier that the north wall had been redecorated. He mentioned that removed was a plague that said “We will respect each other and their opinion, and we will hold each other accountable to confront inappropriate behavior, or behavior that does not add value.”



Chair Gates chose a positive comment Comm Freitas was making to Lt. Bellinghausen embracing the position of CAO to drag up something from months ago.


Chair Gates reluctantly ‘allowed’ Comm Freitas to address Lt. Bellinghausen then spent the time formulating a personal attack.


When a body votes 4-1 to adopt something, the natural position, the mature path, is accept you were outvoted and move on. The decision is made and we all need to embrace it and move forward. Same thing with a 3-2 vote. For the good of the body and the organization, you accept it and move on. It happens the world over.


Unless you are Chair Gates. Months later, he is still fuming at the fact that Comm Freitas voted against the extra expense of a CAO.


Starts at about 25:00 with Chair Gates pandering to Chief Church and calling out Comm Freitas to explain himself. Then, like clockwork, Comm Fossos chiming in with another of his snide editorials.


Are you going to call them about it?


Or are you too afraid of the bully? Shame on you!

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