Public statements against some of your elected officials being bullies is not Politically Correct.


Or speaking out against elected officials wasting tens of thousands in tax dollars.


Or speaking out against elected officials disgracing the honor of the the fire district.


Or at least not something any one of your elected officials is willing to do.


I have personally presented the case of fire commissioners Bill Gates, James A Fossos, Mark Thompson, John Rickert and Fire Chief Al Church doing all of these things to the below listed public officials and community leaders.


I have sent them public records that support each of these atrocities.


The Federal Way Mirror has reported on these claims.


Your elected officials and community leaders have ignored these facts.


Have you heard a whisper from any of them?


Where can I link to their response? If they are willing to stand silent, where is their integrity?


It is well past time you called them and demanded an answer.

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