The April regular meeting did not have drama written in as an agenda item, but it showed up none the less.

The public comment section was longer than usual as some citizens showed up to mention items of interest. Subjects included the opening of the Des Moines Farmers Market and appreciation for the AED which was presented by the fire district last year, comments about the fundraiser basketball game between the fire district and the police department and all the good that will come of the contributions raised, and show of support from an employee for her boss.

It could have been the usual friendly banter of commissioners, employees and citizens.

But the charges made by the fire chief, and the failure for them to hit their mark, are still apparently festering.

Every meeting has another jab to the hilt. Last month it was the chairman himself wielding the shiv.

So much for those hollow words of the chairman, lets put this behind us and move on.




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