Many thought I was blowing smoke.

Soon you will see the fire.


I said many times the current board of commissioner was eager to raise taxes without added value to the citizens and they will soon be proving this true.


Last summer, leading onto the fall election, a hush-hush group lead by commissioners Bill Gates and Jim Fossos, under the eager direction of a fire chief salivating to preserve his $340,000 severance check, (it will be treated like a bonus for screwing the taxpayers) commenced meetings to merge our larger district with a smaller district. Once accomplished, our chief will be deemed no longer needed, services will be terminated without cause and he gets a fat bonus from your wallet. Sweet!!


To be clear, rather than logically add the smaller district into the larger one, the proposal would be to annex the larger into the smaller.


Because it will raise your taxes.


You wisely turned down the Service benefit Charge in 2010 because it could have raised your taxes by up to 66%.

You cautiously passed an Excess Tax in 2012, only to be duped about the number of firefighters you were told would be hired.

So the chief and his cohorts found another way into your pocket. And a raise of up to 66% again, but at least a raise of nearly 30%

Currently the district collects about $16,743,752 per year in assessments. After the merge, that effective rate immediately jumps to over $22,000,000.

Without any increase in service. The excess revenue will not hire any new firefighters, put any new equipment into service or add one fire station to the area.

It will however raise your taxes and secure raises and benefit packages for current employees.

And easily offset the $340,000 termination bonus for the chief.

This news should break in the next month or so. Maybe sooner.

Now you know why the union wanted to keep Bill Gates at the helm.

They knew he was a dependable source of revenue. And cared not a whit for the citizens except for increased taxes he could impose on them for his friends and coworkers.

The added bonus for SKF&R employees, is this gets their tyrannical boss out and they get raises. Whoopee!

The bad news is there are still a lot of mini-me Church wannabes in the management.

But the real question is: Do you care?

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